Steve Baer

Hand Sanitizer Labels

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Making a hand sanitizer for new clients? For a make and take? or to sell at a vendor booth?

Grab a 1 or 2 oz spray bottle or a 10 ml roller bottle and use your hand sanitizer label to make something for a person who needs it, or for your children at school. The possibilities are endless! 

These labels can be used to upcycle your old 15 ml bottles, however, you will need to trim the label with a paper cutter. 

Looking for a recipe? Use 4 Drops of your favorite "Protective Blend" and fill the container to the top with water (for spray bottles) or carrier oil (for roller bottles). 

Don't have a Protective Blend? Use the following blend of essential oils: 

2 Drops Cinnamon

1 Drop Eucalyptus

1 Drop Rosemary

1 Drop Clove

3 Drops Orange or Lemon