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Advanced Oil Magic

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Advanced Oil Magic is your go-to guide for all essential oil needs when it comes to the countless ailments and conditions we deal with on a day to day basis. Printed in a beautiful hardcover book, it makes a wonderful complement to your home, not only for the essential information, but the gorgeous styling as well!

Advanced Oil Magic focuses on giving you easy to use guides in the form of Protocols! The content of the book is as such:

  • 600 quick reference Ailments & Conditions
  • Uses & oil hacks for Single Oils & Oil Blends
  • Hundreds of recipes, diffuser blends & DIY's
  • Lifestyle Protocols
  • 105 serious Ailment Protocols
  • Incredible Emotions & Energy usage
  • Gorgeous Essential Oil Science made useful & practical
  • QR Video Blips on your favorite essential oils

Buy your copy today and you will have access to this incredible resource of essential oil knowledge!