About us

Why hire YOT Events?

YOT Events is here to create, support, and promote local and national events that focus on essential oil education, appreciation, and business-building. We want to bring people together to learn and to share their passions with each other! We also bring with us the opportunity to shop for the highest quality EO products.

Aside from creating events of our own, we support events all around the country and provide tools to make your event successful. Whether you’re hosting a DIY party for your team or closest friends, or planning a 1-3 day event for 200+ people, we want to be a part of your event!

Our events feature nationally-recognized leaders in essential oils, as well as natural-living and wellness experts. We bring together elite speakers and people who want to build their business or learn more about the benefits and uses of essential oils for a day of inspiration and education.

Choose from our event kits or apply for a sponsorship to receive the highest benefits. Let us come to your event and set-up a shop that’s tailored to your guests and will let them shop for the highest quality EO supplies through Your Oil Tools. After all, we’re here to build a community of people who love EO and are passionate about what we do!

We want to hear from you about your upcoming event or idea you may have. We hope you’re just as excited as we are to bring people together and talk oils. Let’s chat!